How to Draw and Paint a Treat-Filled Easter Basket

What can be sweeter than filling a basket with brightly colored eggs, pink chicks, jewel-like jelly beans and a chocolate rabbit?

Step 1

Starting with the basket of your choice, prepare your sketch. It will make your work a little cleaner and easier if you do not connect the basket handle to the basket and leave a gap between the basket and the chocolate rabbit since this space will be filled in with the grass and other assorted goodies.

Step 2

Detail your basket with a basket weave.

Here is a general method to break down how to create the weave effect. It is simply building and connecting the same two horizontal and then vertical lines continuously.

Try if you can to curve the lines as you go with the shape of the basket. Don’t worry about keeping your weave perfect as unevenness can sometimes add to the artistic interest of a piece when all is said and done.

Now detail your handle. Here is a pattern that may help. One curved line molding into the next in sequence.

Step 3

Add a ribbon if desired.

Step 4

Now start working on the basket’s contents. But before I begin, I am going to hard erase here and there on the upper edge of the basket where I will be spilling out some of the grass filling.

Then draw the contents of your choice, but just the upper half of them for the most part. Next, fill in around everything with grass, flowing it over the sides of the basket where you erased.

Step 5

Applying finishes: I will be detailing with a black micron pen before I add paint or use colored pencil. This is not necessary if your prefer to move straight to your colors.

If you are using a pen for outlining, I would suggest not to use it on the grass since you want this light and fluffy. You may even want to lighten up the pencil lines in it before applying color.

Paint or use colored pencil to decorate the basket ( I am using watercolors, but the same steps will apply to color pencil as well), leaving the areas where you want the grass to spill over without color as best as you can.

For watercolors, either wet the whole basket and only saturate color where you want it on the basket and gradually lighter and lighter to no color in the grass area or just paint the basket and blend it with a damp brush, smoothing and lightening it up to the grass space.

For contrast, fill in the little openings between the weave of the basket.

I have colored every other “basket weave” on the handle pink so it looks like the ribbon is wrapped around the handle.

Now color in your grass.  Finish up with any detailing you would like to enhance your work. I have added more shading on the contours of the basket and some darker green strokes here and there on the grass.

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