5 Vacation Spots That Will Be Huge in 2018

If you, like us, are always scoping out the next “it” destination, then listen up. We scoured Google trends to see where everyone will be traveling in 2018. Here, the top five rising cities for upcoming vacays. REYKJAVIK, ICELAND If you thought Iceland was old news, think again. Its moment in the spotlight is just beginning. […]

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The 6 Best Warm-Weather Long Weekend Getaways

What are long-weekends for if not getting the hell out of Dodge in search of sunshine and higher temps? To help you plan a quick escape, here are six awesome warm weather getaways perfect for a three-day excursion. ANTIGUA Most U.S. cities offer relatively affordable and easy flights to the luxurious Caribbean Island of Antigua […]

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The 5 Best Road Trips to Take This Spring

We’re in the home stretch, people: Spring, in all her bird-chirpring, flower-blooming glory is on the horizon. So, how about planning a good old-fashioned road trip for you and the clan? Here are five stunning drives around the country perfect for the changing seasons. GOLD COAST, MICHIGAN Time needed: 5 days Follow the coast of Lake […]

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The 6 Best Places to Travel This Spring

You don’t have to be a student to treat yourself to spring break. Whether you’re searching for art and culture, outdoor adventure or food and wine, here are six amazing vacations to take while you’re waiting for the summer sunshine to kick in. BUDAPEST, HUNGARY Confession: Until we visited Budapest, we didn’t think much of […]

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7 Dreamy Hot Springs Across the U.S.

All around the world, hot springs are enjoyed for their mineral-rich waters (oh hello, Blue Lagoon) and therapeutic benefits. But there’s no need to travel overseas to reap the stress-busting and health-boosting rewards. Here, seven of the best hot springs in the country. Grab your swimsuit (or leave it off) and dive in. GLENWOOD HOT SPRINGS […]

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5 Places to Travel in 2018 That Are Still Under Everyone’s Radar

If you can’t stop thinking about amazing food, exciting excursions and Insta-worthy pics, then you’re probably craving a vacation. Badly. But if tourists, crowds and lines make you anxious, why not take the road less traveled? (You are a trendsetter, after all.) Here, the best destinations, according Lonely Planet, for an off-the-beaten-path vacay. INDONESIA While everyone’s trying […]

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